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Do I have to Winterize my Irrigation System?

Updated: Jan 26

The short answer is yes. If you don't winterize your irrigation system there is a high probability of cracked or bursted pipes which can be costly to repair.

But how come? This is a common question we recieve when cold weather is around the corner. As the holidays are coming up it can feel tedious to make calls or set appointments; but if you have an irrigation system, you'll definitely want winterize it. Here's why:

The irrigation systems that Torch Irrigation installs are built to a stringent standard of excellence at the time of installation. Unfortunately, years will take a toll on the different components of an underground sprinkler system. The expected lifespan is around 20 years if maintained correctly.

So why winterize? Similar to a car, maintenance must be done to achieve this lifespan. The most important part of this maintenance is winterization. When water freezes, it expands by 10%. If enough water is trapped inside of the PVC pipes while they freeze, the pressure that is exerted by the water is greater than the pressure ratings of the pipe (200 PSI for class 200, and 480 PSI for schedule 40.) Water freezing can exert between 20,000 and 114,000 PSI. This is enough to shatter your pipes causing damage and costly repairs!

That's why at Torch we work diligently to make sure the winterization is done right and attentively at irrigation systems in Langley, Abbotsford, and all around the Lower Mainland. Plus, we'll try to make it as easy as possible so that we don't get in the way of your day. If you're looking to get your Irrigation system winterized, send us an email at (or submit an form at the bottom of the home page).

Jared Klassen

Irrigation Technician & Crew Supervisor at Torch Irrigation & Lighting

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