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How Does a Timer Affect My Water Usage?

A common inquiry many customers have is how much their irrigation system will affect their water consumption. Typically the water bill increase of a person with an irrigation system is around $100/month – but this greatly varies with the size and scheduling of a system. For those who have an irrigation system, they have hopefully found it worth the extra cost added to their water bill; however, no one wants to look out their window on a rainy day to see their sprinklers giving the water an unnecessary second dose of water!

Irrigation timers such as Rachio and Rainbird (with the addition of a wifi module or a rain sensor) have the capacity of skipping a day of watering if it is raining. So in the spring if it happens to be raining through the week (which happens quite regularly), your system will skip watering on those days, keeping your water bill down.

Being in the Lower Mainland (or British Columbia in general) means lots of rainy weather, especially for Abbotsford, Langley, and Surrey. If you have an irrigation system it can be a great investment on installation to get a timer that adapts with the climate.

Rainbird timers also have a seasonal adjust setting where you can set the schedule to water a percentage of what you would want during normal operation. As an example, if you want to water your grass for 10 minutes in summer, but less in the spring because it does not get as much sun, you would set the seasonal adjust to 50%, and it would water the grass for 5 minutes instead of 10. Rachio timers have a similar system in the seasonal adjust function.

What Timers Do We like with this functionality?

1. Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

2. Rainbird ESP-TM2 Irrigation Controller with WIFI Module

If you have more questions like this, check out our other blogs or be sure to reach out! We're happy to have a chat about how to best serve you in your lawn aspirations (or just Q&A)!


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Jared Klassen

Irrigation Technician & Crew Supervisor at Torch Irrigation & Lighting

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