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Can I install my own Irrigation System?

Updated: Mar 4

At Torch we love the do-it-yourself spirit and determination that so many of our clients bring into their home projects. They care, and they want to work with an organization who will make honest progress towards their goals. For this reason, we do what we can to work conveniently into schedules and always work hard at making the best product possible at a fair price. In this spirit, many homeowners wonder if they can skip the business and get dirty themselves, on a mission to solve their watering needs. Here are a few reasons why it may be best to bring in the professionals, at least on this one.

1. It can save you money

It's estimated that a standard four zone irrigation system could take up to 60 hours of labour even for experienced workers, that's valuable time which could be used on other projects or some well-deserved leisure time. On top of this having an Irrigation Technician handle water distrubution can be a game changer for water bills down the road. It's also worth considering the quality in a professional job as a well-designed and thought-out system can last up to 20 years; however this number will go down with inefficiencies.

2. Peace of mind

When hiring a professional Irrigation company you can trust in the warranty upon completion, efficiency of labour time, and not having to troubleshoot wiring and piping issues down the road. You now have a contact who can help you out with what you need done. If you're someone who dislikes having to remember necessary service, you're in luck, because at Torch we reach out to you and let you know when winterization and spring start-ups got to be done. Phew!

If you're not familiar with words like backflow preventer, bleed-valve, and node-timer, no problem. We know how to do what you're hoping for, and we want to get it as personalized as we can for your goals.

3. Having a contact

For whatever issues arise, it is always helpful to have someone to reach out to. Would you bring your car to the generic parts manufacturer or instead to your friendly backyard mechanic who never lets you down? At Torch, we are diligent to make servicing and maintenance an easy process from requests to efficient action. On top of this, some jurisdictions are beginning to require annual backflow inspections, and we can do that for you at a reasonable cost (for example, Surrey, B.C.). This will save you the hassle of wondering "who is even qualified to inspect that sort of thing?".

Often we will show up to a project and see the homeowner creating their dream deck, or building a shed in the backyard, sometimes sprucing up their kitchens, and we love to know that they trust us enough to be a part of their aspirations. If you're looking to have an irrigation system installed, or brighten up your lawn with some professional lights, let's get in touch!


or give us a call at:

(604) 358 - 6773

Jonas Opmeer

Irrigation Technician & Marketing Assistant at Torch Irrigation and Lighting

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