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Are Remote-Access Timers Worth It?

What about timers that can be adjusted remotely? Customers will often ask if timers with remote access is worth the investment. At Torch, we recommend it for many different systems. Being able to access the system remotely is a very powerful function of modern irrigation timers. Summer tends to be the season that a homeowner will go on vacation. During this time it would have previously been impossible to adjust the scheduling of an irrigation system. Reasons for doing so could include the change to a water restriction, changes in the weather (i.e. a heatwave), or a desire to water a home garden manually.

For those who don't like to make adjustments themselves and prefer an irrigation technician to be the only one to adjust the schedule, it allows them to make these adjustments remotely, saving the price of a service call. This is especially important when water restrictions are implemented throughout the year and you as a client want us to adjust your water schedule. It replaces a trip out with a tap of a button from us. For these simple reasons, a remotely accessible timer is a great investment!

Jared Klassen

Irrigation Technician & Crew Supervisor at Torch Irrigation & Lighting

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